Beautiful stress buster

Beautiful stress buster essential oils necklace

Before pharmaceuticals were invented, people relied on natural remedies made with plants to treat everything from burns to bronchitis.

Modern essential oils contain highly concentrated compounds distilled from medicinal plants used by our ancestral healers.

They can be very potent – for example, eucalyptus oil was used for it’s antibacterial properties during WWII when antibiotics were in short supply.

Each essential oil has more than one property and there are a group of essential oils that work well for relieving anxiety and stress. Among them are rose, frankincense, lavender, bergamot, marjoram, vetiver, chamomile, lemon, geranium, cinnamon, fennel, rosewood and ylang ylang.

Using a combination oils you can create an anxiety & stress relief that can be used in

massage oil

a room diffuser


You can find jewellery specifically for using essential oils and their design will incorporate a medium that’s porous like leather, wood, lava beads and pieces of felt.  

A few drops of essential oils will soak into the medium and wah-la … you have portable anti-stress therapy around your wrist or around your neck.

My daughter and I recently bought some very pretty jewellery that includes lava beads.  Check out Etsy – they have loads!

Beautiful stress buster essential oils necklace

I don’t believe mixing essential oils should be a DIY thing for the following reasons

  • They are really potent and need to be diluted to specific ratios depending on the oil and the use.
  • Essential oils can have contraindications for kids and women that are pregnant.
  • Essential oils have top, middle and low notes similar to wine and if you want it to smell good you need to know which one goes with which.

However I have mixed my own blend for pain relief for my arthritic dog with good results and no side effects (aside from the fact that she smells pretty!).

I’m turning into a bit of an essential oil convert – the science behind age-old aromatherapy and homeopathic remedies is currently being proven (or maybe that should be re-proven) by modern research.

essential oils chest

Many essential oil companies provide mixed blends for specific reasons, including stress

So if you’re not game to DIY look for bottles with labels like Peace, Calm, Tranquility or ones that specifically mention stress or anxiety.  

Mine is called Stress Less and includes lemon, orange, marjoram, ylang ylang, lavender and cedarwood.

How do I feel wearing my essential oils necklace?

Well I’m working on a combination of stress busters – I figure the more busters I have the less stress!

Overall I’m feeling more motivated, less anxious, more focussed and best of all … I smell pretty!

Happy essential oiling




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