The heart of your health, fitness, healing, weight, energy

and yes, even your happiness

actually starts with the way you nourish your body


I’ve learned this over the past decade from my life in the fitness industry, and at home.

While there’s a lot of science behind good health, it’s really just going back to the basics.

Eating well, moving and reducing stress are the foundations for a happy and healthy life.

Does it sound like I’m oversimplifying it?

The truth is, health and well-being is complicated BUT the research continuously shows that good health is relatively simple.

Almost every client I’ve met has had their own:

  • physical
  • medical or
  • mental health issue

There are many people close to me, including immediate family members, that have chronic illnesses, intellectual disabilities, physical limitations and hormone imbalances.

After spending over a decade in the fitness industry I’ve found that it’s forgotten that we all have different needs and its “one size fits all”, almost torturous mentality, is making things worse with people’s health, rather than better.

Here you will find the simple foundations to your health, fitness, weight, energy and happiness…


Nourishing your body is not just about the food you put in your mouth.  It is about looking at your body as a whole and providing it with the things it needs to improve your life, health and growth.

Those foundations are nutrition, movement and mental well-being.

However, you are unique and some things may need to be customised to you personally.

Which is why I’m always available to you, only a message away, if you ever have any questions x






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